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Today I’m doing a quick review of a new training and software suite from two very good marketers: 
Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas (you might know Mike as “Mike from Maine”)
 The program is called Affiliate Trax. 
(Take a look at my short video at the end of this review to see it in action)
So what exactly is Affiliate Trax? Well its training and software that aims to solve a problem that has been plaguing affiliate marketers for a long time now:
Namely, that is that up until now, you would get paid a commission from the product maker when you made a sale, but he would get to keep all of the buyer’s email addresses, add them to his autoresponder and marketing
list and then be able to send them offers over and over while you, who did all of the work of generating all of the traffic to the sales page would only get paid once for the sale and then you’d have to do it over and over again to maintain some income…
Not fair, I know, but that was how is was. That is: Up until now…
Announcing “Affiliate Trax”…This great little program will allow you to capture all of the buyer’s emails and then add them to your own buyer’s list. Now, you too, can send these people, which can number in the hundreds and then thousands in a very short period of time…over and over again through the years. Very cool!
Not only that, which would be worth the price of the program, but Brett and Mike also offer a full blown training with about twenty good short videos that spell out exactly what they are doing to make about $30,000 a month each as affiliates.
I’ve been doing this for quite some time now, but I learned a whole bunch from them on how to find a good product, reach out to the developer, get a review copy and then how to get traffic to the offer and start making sales.
You know,There’s a lot of theory and talk about how to beome a successful affiliate but very little “meat” on how to actually do it and make money.
Here you will find great content and as I said some really good techniques that actually work…
So to repeat: The problem has always been that you can’t build your own buyers list when you send traffic to someone else’s product… 
That has always made it tough… 
Why should you care about this?
Although you’re getting paid for the sales that you generate, you’re building someone else’s business for them, while you’re pretty much starting from scratch every single day. 
Sure, you can build up your general email list, but when you promote other people you’re giving THEM the email list instead of building your own…thus you’re building THEIR business and not your own. 
Why would you want to build somebody else’s business???
With Affiliate Trax, you don’t have to…
Now, not only will you change your affiliate career in a very big way by investing a small amount of money into this software, I am going to be giving you five free WP plug ins to also build your online business…
When you purchase Affiliate Trax from my link, you will get the following Word Press Plug ins for free:
1. Jack Jacker
2. Jack Jacker Gold
3. Clickbar Gold
4. Facebook Pixel
5. Support chat
Check out the short video below for more details on everything…thanks, 

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